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Icons and musical

I'm new in the community also if I have been a fan of Romeo and Juliet for years. Just recently I became a Mercutio/Benvolio fan and thanks to Pargoletta's wonderful story Caro.
I do not come empy handed! I bring 15 icons from the Zeffirelli's movie. And yes, the icon with 'Caro' is dedicated to Pargoletta. 

And maybe you know it already or maybe not, but I know it is not a famous show/musical. I'm talking about the Italian musical Giulietta e Romeo by Cocciante. It is not bad : D actually I liked it very much and it's a pity there are not full video of all the musicals. (My sister was totally obsessed by it and looked for the videos everywhere).
e are some samples of the songs and the actors (every characters was played by two different alternative actors- for example: Schiaretti played Mercutio for a week and then it was the other Mercutio's turn).
This is one of the two actors who plays Mercutio (Gianmarco Schiaretti). In this partMercutio is dying and he sings Come è leggera la vita ('How is lightweighted the life')
This one is the other Mercutio (and a part of the duel between Tebaldo and Mercutio).
A bit Off topic with the topic of this community but this is Tebaldo. When I went to watch the musical there was Valerio di Rocco as Tebaldo and he was lovely.
Here he is dying and he sings 'La vita non l'ho mai capita' ('I never understood life').
Unfortunately this show doesn't have a lot of Benvolio : (
He was played by Damiano Borgi and Angelo del Vecchio.
(This is Damiano Borgi)
(And this is Angelo del Vecchio at 0:27. He is explaining how Romeo killed Tebaldo and how Mercutio died).
If you are interested I could translate some song in English : D (bad English, I'm not a great translator)..

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