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New Fic Up!

I just finished posting a new story up at my LJ, so here are the links. Enjoy!

(Also X-posted to bard_slash.)

Title: The Mansion Of A Love
Author: pargoletta
Fandom: Romeo and Juliet
Main Pairing: Benvolio/Mercutio
Summary: After being summarily bound together, Mercutio and Benvolio must learn how to be true consorts to each other. Here are five moments in that learning process. A Caro-verse story.
Rating: R.
Warnings: Mentions past child abuse.

1. While They Do Dream Things True
2. Make Blessed My Rude Hand
3. So Smile The Heavens
4. Let Lips Do What Hands Do
5. There Golden Sleep Doth Reign
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