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New Fic Announcement!

Hi everyone!

I've got a new story, if anyone is interested. It's a companion piece to my long AU novel, Caro. I'll put the header here, and then a link to the post in my own LJ.

Title: Far Off Thou Art, But Ever Nigh
Author: pargoletta
Fandom: Romeo and Juliet
Main Pairing: Benvolio/Mercutio, though under somewhat unfortunate circumstances.
Summary: In the throes of fresh grief, an elderly Benvolio sees a window open even as doors close.
Rating: PG.
Warnings: Part of the “Caro-verse,” so this does differ radically from the Romeo and Juliet you learned in school. Other than that . . . well, it's pretty sad, but no major warnings needed.

Far Off Thou Art, But Ever Nigh

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