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Title: We Argue No Sin
Chapter: 1/?
Pairing: Mercutio/Benvolio
Summary: Slash. Mercutio/Benvolio . Teen as of now . Mercutio and Benvolio strive to prove their love is not a sin...that was's not just that, there's also dude on dude lovin'

Disclaimer: Non Sum Shakespeare.

A/N: I tried to make this Shakespearian, forgive me for any confusion or failure. Also, this is slash (Mercutio/Benvolio) I don’t want your little rants on anti-slash, because I don’t care, and I will delete them. This is a little AU, because although this is before Juliet comes into the picture, in the future Mercutio will not die…because I can’t bear to do it.

On this odd day, in old Verona, two men or rather, one, spoke merrily. The other merely smiles and nods, interested but silent. Mercutio gesticulates so wildly, his gold red locks seen to live on their own up atop his head as they are forced into tangles by his fanatical movements. His piercing blue eyes struck by the sunlight as he focuses on his rant. Benvolio, the shorter of the two, was comfortably leaning back with a sketchbook. Behind him, on the stone wall that supported his weight, sat a pile of books topped with a quill and inkwell. His deep brown eyes scan the pale skinned Mercutio and then he quickly draws up a sketch in his book. Mercutio grinned vainly and proceeded to shield his eyes from the sun.

“Dear Benvolio, why dost though carry such a load?” He questions jokingly.

Benvolio looks up from his drawing and answered mock arrogantly. “So as to educate myself, dear Mercutio. It is important to differentiate yourself from some…less intelligent” He gestures towards Mercutio lightly and grins. The other boy proceeds to feign hurt and frowns.

“Benvolio…Why dost thou hurt me so?” And suddenly he gains a devilish smirk. “For I ne’er heard such biting words come from the mouth of so small a man!” Mercutio keels over and laughs boisterously as Benvolio looks on, un-amused.

“And I ne’er heard such lowly insults used by men to ward off simple jokes.”

“Low so as you may reach them!” Mercutio continued in his laughter. Though Benvolio was often considered peacekeeper there were two subjects on which he was known to lose his temper: his height, and Mercutio. The irony was that in this case, Mercutio was the target of his peppery anger.

Benvolio messily gathered his things in his arms and stated promptly. “Your quips may be lowly enough for me to reach, Mercutio, but I am sure that as high as you are, your mind could not reach this conclusion” Benvolio stomped off angrily as Mercutio finished laughing, wiping light tears out of his eyes and calling after his friend. “My Benvolio! Do not depart! For no one else could draw me;… in such perspective that I may appear so large!” He laughs uproariously once more before he realizes the seriousness of Benvolio’s words. He quickly catches up to the younger man, long legs carrying him swiftly so as to face the other. Mercutio’s eyebrows creased in worry. “Benvolio, I meant not to offend…” Mercutio then took on a softer tone that one would not expect of him. “I talk’st of nothing my Benvolio. For…I am a fool with his philosophies, who traipses drunkenly only to speak once nattily and then by some grim wound…depart this life. I begin some speech to thee as friend, and end as cynic. ‘Tis all none my Benvolio, ‘tis all debauchery…”

Benvolio, who up until this point was looking down brought his head up and met the other’s eyes. He spoke quietly just as Mercutio had.

“You speak of nonsense my Mercutio, when thou art a cynic or a fool, thou dost remain my friend.” And, without thinking, Benvolio secured his things in one arm and reached up with his other hand to stroke the cynic’s face, whose eyes had widened but said nothing. In response he took Benvolio’s brown curls in his hand and simply twirled the hair between his fingers without speaking, before, impulsively, he gently (though quickly) took Benvolio’s face in his hands and brought him close so as to kiss him. Immediately, Benvolio dropped his things, the inkwell spilling upon their feet, and stepped on tiptoes in order to accommodate this height difference. He wrapped his arms around Mercutio’s neck and played idly with locks of hair as he pressed hard onto his lips. Both pairs of eyes were squeezed shut at first but soon loosened so that they may have appeared to be asleep. By now Benvolio had brought his arms down to the small of Mercutio’s back, and Mercutio, had in turn done the same with Benvolio. When they reluctantly pulled apart in need of breath Benvolio had a realization and his eyes widened. “My friend…we have committed a sin.”

AN: I failed to mention they were in a deserted area…heh... Also, I am not a Slasher-Basher (rhyme) But I mean, logically. They’d be freaked since you know, it technically is considered a sin. Especially back then.

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An intriguing beginning. I like that Benvolio has a bit of a temper here. It's so easy to make him into a doormat, but he does need to have some fire in order to keep such a pairing alive and not have it just degenerate into plain folie a deux. It's also nice to see Mercutio maneuvered into apologizing for his words; that demonstrates his respect for his friend, and it bodes well for any relationship they might dare to build with each other.

You might want to take another look over this and decide whether you want it in the past tense or the present tense. Right now, it's a mixture of both, and that's kind of confusing. I'd recommend the past tense, but it's up to you.

I am interested to see where you take this. I hope you'll do a little scene-setting for next chapter. I'd love to see a little of "old Verona," and I have the feeling that you'd do wonderfully at that.
I really do need to describe old Verona...I continuously skip over details unbeknowestly. ...I'm guessing that spelling was atrocious. But you are right about the tenses, when I write it tends to be present and sound like a script so I made alot of them past tense but it would read oddly (to me at least) if I made it all past... So I think I'll try to begin that habit in the next chapter. And extreme thankyou for your comment. It was one of the best I've ever recieved.
The narrative past is generally the tense that readers find most comfortable, which is why I recommended it. But the present tense can also be effective if you use it well. Your choice.

I didn't notice any particularly glaring spelling mistakes, so just keep on spellchecking, and you'll be fine in that regard.

Your icon is fantastic, by the way. Did you make it yourself?
Yes I did. Thankyou! I just love that scene, and zeffirelli's version always amazes me.
It was indeed a brilliantly done scene. Quite radical for the time as well, and McEnery's performance has had an enormous impact on the performance tradition for Mercutio since 1968. It impressed me enough to inspire a background that led to a full-length novel.
I definatetly agree with you there, but I am a bit confused when you mention a full-length novel...could you explain?
Certainly. There's not much to explain. I wrote a novel-length fic (28 chapters, clocking in at around 75,000 words, which would be about a 250-page mass-market paperback) featuring our boys, which also drew its inspiration from Zeffirelli's movie. It's called Caro (hence the icon), and the best place to read it is probably my LJ. The chapters are tagged, or you can access the whole thing through memories here.

It's AU, and it deals with some fairly intense themes, but I like it. Anyway, that's the explanation.
I'm in Romeo and Juliet right now, so it's sort of weird to hear your descriptions which are so different from the ones I know.
Err, I'm sorry, What do you mean?
As in, you're describing red-gold locks when the guy playing Mercutio has straight black hair.

Nothing wrong with it, just interesting.
Ah! right. I saw Zeffirelli's version and he had straight (strawberry?) blonde hair...but i like "locks" better. So that's how i wrote it.
Yeah...I usually don't describe the hair at all, or put any other descriptions unless I feel they're absolutely necessary. Especially when I'm doing Shakespeare fics. Just makes everything more complicated.